Golf Academy

The Italian Golf Academy originates from the renowned Golf School Zappa.

The history of the Zappa family has been linked to the Golf Club Milano for many years thanks to the work carried out by the three brothers: Pietro, Giovanni and Ezio. Thanks to the availability of the various successive presidents, at that time, at the club, the children of the three families were able to get closer to golf. Under the guidance of maestro Giancarlo Grappasonni, four of the five cousins became professionals in the early 90s. In 1994, thanks to the union of the four, Nicola, Luigi, Carlo and Roberto the Zappa Golf School was born.

The primary purpose of this change is to transform a golf school into an academy ready to satisfy every need linked to the world of golf. To give the possibility to be part of more qualified professionals in more parts of Italy. And finally, to extend the numerous work programs developed over the last twenty-two years by the Zappa Golf School to more users, to create new golfers.

The Italian Golf Academy’s mission is to promote and develop golf throughout the country.

Italian Golf Academy for Golf dei Laghi: Professional: Enrico Biffi.